Free hosting will get SSL and hacker protection

Free webhosting with will get SSL certificate and protection against hackers and DDOS attacks. I read hackers install viruses on websites.

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Reply please. Is there free SSL certiifcate for free hosting ?

There is an option on the Control Panel that permits the installation of your own signed certificate, but our certificates are by default self-signed. If you want a free signed SSL certificate, you can get a free trial from one of the major certificate issuers and install it using that option on the Control Panel, or configure Cloudflare on your website.

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when my website has https, people/visitors will be able to see http link also ?

when the website has http only then https does not work

Yes, they will, unless you force all visitors to be redirected to the HTTPS version of the website. Note that, if your website contents are still in their HTTP version, the website might not load properly, and you might modify the resources links to point to their HTTPS version (if the websites on where are the affiliates permit a secure connection with a valid signed certificate installed).

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