Free Hosting Limit

I didn’t see any complete list of free hosting feature in this site. Is it the same as grendelhosting free user has? like we can’t use SMTP if it isnt webmail. Also please give the actual limit for hits and bandwith.

You get a daily limit of 80,000 hits. Your bandwidth is unlimited, however more visitors = more hits. If your website is built for high traffic, premium hosting may be a better option. Almost all of the features that was on Grendel Hosting is here as well I believe.

@normalfag there is daily hits limit like @BrickVelocity said. Bandwith and storage is unlimited, of course if your not planning to store 1 TB of files on free hosting. Keep in mind that on free hosting, only websites that provide web content are allowed, not websites that act like applications, for example social networks, file hosting. If you are planning to have alot of traffic on your site, you should try out GrendelHosting Premium!

So, basically free user just allowed to host their blog, gallery, etc. ? If i want to host my project, what kind of project that broke the rule?

The rules here are largely the same as they were on Grendel Hosting, however the actual enforcing of those limits is a bit different.

Here are the most important restrictions:

  • Hits (every file request to our server, whether that’s a web page, image, stylesheet or something else) are limited to 50,000 per day
  • Bandwidth and visitors are not limited on their own (but indirectly limited through the daily hits)
  • You can have at most 80,000 files and directories in an account, and files cannot be larger than 10 MB.
  • IMAP, POP and SMTP are not available. Only our webmail and e-mail forwarders are available.
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