Free hosting httpd main server config file

My website URL is:

Do I have access to my httpd main server config file with free hosting. If yes how do I access it?

You can’t access the main HTTPD configuration file on free hosting. You would have to use .htaccess files inside your htdocs folders to set some rules (that aren’t malicious) for your websites.


Can a php file hosted at be used to download files to with curl?

The HTTPD main server config contains the configuration for all the websites on the server. We can’t let you make changes to that configuration, because you risk breaking thousands of other websites in the process. This goes for all web hosting services by the way, you’ll need to have your own server if you want to change the main server configuration.

Our servers support PHP and the cURL functions are enabled. So yes, you can download things from other websites onto your own website.


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