Free hosting for ptc site


Can i host and run a paid to click type site on free hosting ?

The site will not be used to make any monetary benefit. It will be used to only to offer advertising and members can advertise their pages for their credits earned.

Thanks in advance

As far as I know, there is no blanket ban on PTC sites, but there are some rules that are very important to keep in mind:

  • We have limits on server usage, like hits and processing power. Some types of sites like autosurf sites tend to run into them very quickly.
  • Many PTC sites, and sites choosing to advertise through them, are fraudulent. Hosting fraudulent content with us, or promoting fraudulent content on/through our hosting is not allowed.

So the usual rules of thumb apply: don’t do anything sketchy or illegal and don’t overload the servers and you’ll be fine.


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