Free hosting capability needs

My website URL is not hosted here. domain is registered elsewhere:

What I’m seeing is: i need specific, free hosting capabilities to meet my site’s needs.

I’m using this software: it will be a php installation

Additional information: small size installation.

basically, i am seeking free hosting if the free hosting can support these items:
small installation size.
is a php install that needs:
a mysql database.
smtp for mail forms sent to admin.
ability to run an external cron job (?).

if free hosting can support this site’s needs, i would like basic instruction on how to follow with free hosting.

  • thank you all!

php and sql is supported. Cron jobs are supported. Check the knowledge base. Not sure about smtp.

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Most of those requirements are no big deal and are available here.

The SMTP thing is something we don’t offer. But you can use an external SMTP service (a simple Gmail account is enough) to send the emails.

We do offer cron jobs, but only web crons. If your software requires command line crons, we can’t offer that on free hosting.


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