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Hi guys and girls,
I already own a infinityfree website on and I wanted to create a second new website on infinityfree servers, but due to user continuity I the new website to also have a domain. So I tried adding a second hosting account, but in the section where you have to choose your new domain, I have only been given the options to choose between,,,,, and - not, as I chose when creating my main homepage. So I thought, maybe is restricted to only one domain per infinityfree profile and I created a completely new one - with the same result.
Now my question is: Has epizy been taken down from free hosting for some reasons and are you able to create a new website with epizy?
Thanks to everybody

You’re right; it’s been taken down because that domain has a bad reputation nowadays, but websites created with that domain as subdomain continue to work fine. At least they added new subdomains to replace that one, and they might also remove old ones if they’re starting to lose reputation as domain, maybe because of phishing pages hosted on our platform…

Since the removal it’s not possible to do so. If you were quick before the removal, you could’ve gotten another one of those, but well, decisions are decisions and what is done can’t be reverted back.


Well, if InfinityFree decided so, we have to live with this decision - but if someone from InfinityFree who has something to say in domains is reading this post, I want to say that I‘d really appreciate adding a short and simple .com domain without any numbers in it to the options, as I think, that looks more professional and less like a phishing site than or
Having said this thanks for the reply and maybe my critique will add another domain to free InfinityFree webhosting


Unfortunately, most (if not all) short .com/.net/.org domains are either taken, or are being sold for a ridiculous sum of money. However, that would be cool to have, I agree :slight_smile:


Thank you for sharing your opinion. Getting feedback regarding the domain name options and suggestions as to what kind of domain names we should add next is really useful.

All .com domains of 4 letters or less are all taken and only available for sale at very high prices, but five and six letter .com domains still have plenty of options to choose from. The .net and .org extensions have better availability.

Just so your request is clear to me: what extensions do you consider “trustworthy”, and what would be your criteria for “short and simple”?


For a short and recognizable domain name, aim for 5-8 letters. You could consider incorporating part of the brand name “InfinityFree” for marketing purposes. An example that comes to mind is “”, which includes “infini” to advertise InfinityFree. However, you or the forum community might have better ideas.

In terms of domain endings, commonly used ones generally appear more trustworthy. Here are some trustworthy options for web applications:

  • .com
  • .org
  • .net
  • .io
  • .app

Keep in mind that this is my personal opinion, but I believe the majority would agree with it.


Thanks for the suggestions! I’ll keep those in mind.

Just one thing to note: I don’t think we’re going to add a .app domain any time soon. The entire .app extension, like all other Google owned domain extensions, are placed on the HSTS preload list. That means that any site using this extension must always use HTTPS. Because our hosting doesn’t setup HTTPS out of the box, it would mean people would need to perform extra steps just to be able to view their site, which isn’t great UX.

I did snag the domain as a potential candidate. It’s pretty short, has a trusted extension, and is recognizable as an InfinityFree domain. Is that the kind of domain you’re looking for?


Some how “migan” (Make Infinityfree Great AgaiN) come to my mind. .com and .org were taken but .net and .io weren’t. (If no ns == not registered) Personally I think that is better.
And even without that trumpish meaning this name still sounds good to me. :grinning:

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Not necessarily. You can register a domain and just not give it nameservers, I’ve done that myself before.

You should run a domain availability check instead.


Ah, got that.
But these two domains are still available