Free email

Hi Admin
my username: epiz_26288915
i using a dot com domain…

Could u please enable my account to ‘forward’ emails? years ago i used without problems, now i am facing that is depreciated… that i need to upgrade… dont have money bro to upgrade to premium

What do you mean by forward email? Do you mean Email Account on CPANEL?

Sorry, but Admin can’t enabled it for you, they already removed it due to spams, and you can’t use it.

But there’s still an option to get a free email accounts. Zoho mail or Yandex mail can help you with that.

hi katufo, nice to talk to u again!

could u guide me?

Do you want to get a free email accounts for your custom domain?


i am doin the setup… already verified by cname on yohoo

thanks buddy !

What do you mean? Have you already setup and get a free email accounts?

You can also get a free email accounts for your domain using Zoho mail or Yandex mail for free!!

i using my custom domain on zoho… already verified by cname… doing the setup thing right now

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bro where i can add spf or DKIM record?

You can find a SPF Record option on your control panel @rushwhq2020

Add it there.

well i am on Cname… but can add @ record there… its a TXT record that i need to add on dns

May I see an screenshot of the records you want to add or put?

InfinityFree control panel don’t have a txt record dns.

TXT - Host/nombre Valor de TXT
@ / Blank
v=spf1 ~all

Add it as an SPF record.

lol. didnt see… done…

now is asking me for DKIM record.

As far as I know, it will not need to add a DKIM or txt record? Only those mx records and spf record. I’m sorry but you can’t add a txt record here on infinityfree control panel/dns management. I suggest you to use cloudflare as an dns manager.

And, you can also upload here a picture without using imgbb or other sources, just click on like “Upload icon” when editing or replying.

I got this from @Ergastolator1

For SPF you can do that through the “SPF Records” section of the Control Panel.
For DKIM, other types of TXT records aren’t supported on free hosting, and so you can’t add DKIM records too. Just skip setting up the DKIM record and you’re ready to go.


ok… thanks katufo

You’re welcome senpai!

senpai, could u tell me… how can i check and write emails???