Free .com domain help

I have a free .com domain now from . the free domain is Can I use this domain on the free account as both are free services? If so can you help me with the setup?

Thank you


.net is not a .com domain. Also, it is not ideal to get a .net for free unless there are attached charges (like a hosting purchased along with it).

If your domain name provider allows you to change the nameservers, then I don’t think there is any hindrance. You can use it here.

Read this article to set everything up:


How did you get it? I also need a free TLD for my website.

you can your free domain at

I can’t can you say how I can get it for free?

It isn’t a site to get free domain! It only gives free host. I do not think if a site provides free .com domain. There’s lot of free domains such as .cf or .ml or .gq too!


You can get the free domain at i think . I give me one when i tried that site

You can’t get a free domain from there either. Their paid plans do come with one, but only as long as you keep your hosting plan with them (when you cancel it, the domain is as well) and their free plan doesn’t come with one. So they actually don’t have free domains.


Typically, there is no such thing as a “free .com domain”. .com domains cost money for registrars and hosting providers to register, and they have to get that money from somewhere. Some hosting providers provide a “free” domain with their paid hosting plan, but then they just factored in the cost of the domain into the hosting plan, so you’re just paying for it yourself.


100webspace offers a free domain with hosting, most likely meaning you cannot point it to InfinityFree as they’d have a rule in the ToS along with that.

That’s a free subdomain, not a TLD, especially not .com


Here is their “free” domain rule. You must buy their premium hosting package.

& after get one, I think you can free to change its nameserver.


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