Free Automatic Backups?

Hello, For some reason my site broke on a failed plugin update. Now my admin panel and site don’t load. I didn’t make any backup yet. :confused: Do you guys keep a back ups of the server at all?

As far as I know, backups are only in premium hosting, to keep costs low for the free hosting (correct me if I’m wrong). Sorry.

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@anon54841129 is right, we don’t create or store backups for free hosting. So unless you have any backups yourself, any changes you make to your website are irreversible.


Alright well I fixed my site its back online. I follow this video to get it back up. I still have the plugin problem though.

Now I can take a working backup. The plugin issue is still there. Uninstalling/reinstalling the plugin didn’t help. I contacted the plugin developer for a fix.

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