Free account: Media library upload, "An error occurred in the upload. Please try again later."

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Error Message

“An error occurred in the upload. Please try again later.”
“There’s an error in the upload, try later.”

Other Information

WordPress, with Storefront theme
Free account.

I uploaded WordPress, and successfully installed it. I installed Elementor and WooCommerce, and then the Storefront theme. I also installed a sample store, with a bunch of sample product images.

Later, I tried to add a new product in WooCommerce.

I get a file upload error, and variants of the error while trying to upload a jpg to the media library. I can upload the same file, 169K, using FileZilla. However, that doesn’t solve my problem since I need the files registered in the media library.

I get the error whether I use the media library upload tool, or WooCommerce add feature image to product. The files I’m trying to upload are small image files, less than 200K.

Well, it looks like your account is suspended. Can you check your email or the client area and provide us with more information? In most cases, you will just have to wait the 24 hours, and make sure to never do what you got suspended for again.

I don’t really know what I got suspended for, other than “Your account exceeded the daily limits of your service.” I’m not doubting it, but I wasn’t doing anything on the site when it got suspended. In fact, I was writing my question to this forum when the email came in notifying me of suspension. I’ll just have to wait it out, I guess.

CPanel details:

Plan: infinityfree
FTP accounts: 1 / 1
Sub-Domains: 0 / Unlimited
Add-on Domains: 1 / Unlimited
Parked Domains: 0 / Unlimited
MySQL Databases: 1 / Unlimited
Disk Quota: Unlimited
Disk Space Used 0 MB
Disk Free Unlimited
Inodes Used 0 % (0 of 30019)
Bandwidth: Unlimited
Bandwidth used: 11 MB
Bandwidth remaining: Unlimited
Daily Hits Used 2 % (764 of 50000)

You can view the detailed information about which limit you hit exactly in the client area.

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