Frames based website

want to ask this before I start uploading my site will a frames based website work on your hosting

you mean iframes?

I presume you mean HTML frames with this?

If so, I don’t see any reason why that wouldn’t work. It’s just static HTML which is fully rendered in the visitor’s web browser. Any hosting service in the world can host a website like that.


I am asking as I have just moved to a new hosting provider and the site wont work when I have the frameset command in the index file, they cant fix it. Its a fairly simple site, done long time ago and not really worth redoing, would host it with you if I though it would work

no html frameset

I’m very surprised if that site would behave differently on a different, since it’s just HTML.

What did they say the issue was that they can’t fix? If by “they can’t fix it”, you mean that they refuse to fix an error in your HTML code, then uploading the same HTML code here probably won’t give you better results.


if you say no html frametset (no iframes) then what kind of frames are they? Plus, we can’t debug for you, although you could give us the code that contains these frames.

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