FPT not connecting

FTP is failing with result " Could not connect to server “ftpupload.net”. "
I’m using Transmit FTP.
Tried FTP Hostname or Server: ftpupload.net
Plus Username on infinityfree.net FTP Accounts page
Plus Password for cPanel
Also tried FTP Hostname or Server: ftp.epizy.com with same result.
Any direction would be helpful, thank you.

I found that the cpanel password is not the one to use. I found the password on the account page, it was blanked out with asterisks, I had assumed it was the same as the cpanel, but after clicking it to show I found out it was different. Now FTP works.

That password is the cpanel password. But please note that the cpanel is the Control Panel (VistaPanel) at cpanel.epizy.com, not the client area at app.infinityfree.net.