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I have ‘’ registered with 123-reg.
I want emails sent through ‘’ to reach my ‘’ mail box.

123-reg say I need to change the nameservers in their 123-reg control panel.
I don’t know what they mean or what I need to do.

I’m totally lost! Technology is beating me at age 77.

Please can you try to help me.

[email protected]


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Your nameservers will be located on under your domain name. There should be an option to change your nameservers from the ones provided by InfinityFree to the ones 123-reg have provided you with.

This article should help you:


I checked the domain name and it looks like it’s currently using nameservers and mail servers. Is that intentional?

I joined infinityfree because it was well-reviewed and because I actually receive help and advice from you.

000webhost often threw up errors and ii found that receiving help was almost impossible. One person did take pity on me and was helpful.

As far as I was aware - and what I intended - is that infinityfree is now my host.


I am trying to direct Mail for my email address: [email protected]
so that it can appear appear on my iPhone.

I’ve contacted 123-reg who hold my domain:
and they have replied thus:

Thank you for your reply. From what I can see, you only had the domain with us and there is no reference for any email address (mailbox) that was here.

***Also, the domain does not have our MX records which means that the wbe forwarding created here is not actually active. ***

When you pointed the domain to your website, you also moved the settings to be managed from their end.

This means that if you want the email forwarder to work and redirect emails to your hotmail address, you will need to add our MX records (email settings) on the domain.

This can be done only via your Website provider`s end.

Our MX records are:

Host: @ or TYPE: MX Priority: 10 Value:

Host: @ or TYPE: MX Priority: 20 Value:

Once these 2 records are added, the forwarder will start working in around a couple of hours.

I would be grateful if you can assist me, please? I’m lost and on the point of giving up.

Thank you
Terry Braverman

For starters, your domain name is using nameservers right now. If you want to control your DNS records through us, you’ll need to update your nameservers to and

After that, you can set your MX records through the MX Records section in the control panel of your hosting account.

And please don’t create multiple topics for your question.


In the control panel under DNS/Name servers the settings are already shown as: and
I do not see 000webhost settings.

I would now suggest deleting your website from 000webhost

The control panel always should our nameservers, because those are the settings your domain name should use.

The settings your domain name is using can be found at your domain name provider 123-reg.

But it all looks OK now.

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