Forward with Masking = Support.Google.Com refused to connect

Getting the message “ refused to connect” with two domains and test pages I have setup here this week, getting error on various browsers or PCs.

Have multiple domains going to pages on my main hosting service, using ‘301 - forwarding with masking’ and no issue.

Have found that when I use ‘302 - forwarding’ the problem goes away, the domain names work immediately and I can get to the site page fine.
But this means, people see the full URL link instead of the domain name.

I use GoDaddy for my domain names. I forward the domain, not a sub-domain.

Is there a setting on Infinity I need to use the 301 with masking, or something on the G D forwarding page ?

thank-you in advance,

Sounds like your trying to use an iframes which Google websites block.

The “mask” option creates an iframe to try and display said website on the given URL, which as I said, Google blocks.

A 301 redirect is what it says, it means your domain name redirects to the given the URL.

TL;DR: You can’t use masking on a Google website.

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Thanks but, the domain is on GoDaddy and pointing to files on the Infinity sites, so not a Google website. Though Google has it’s fingers in many things. Also, have received the error on various browsers (ie: Chrome, FireFox, Edge).

Wondering what others did to forward their domain to Infinity pages, using the 301 Masking option…

Do you have iframes on your website that lead to part of Googles websites? Also, please provide the domain name for your site.


Hi Green,
No Iframes setup, mostly simply pages local text and content, no Google account in this variable.
My two domains I am testing with are…


Hey there,
I’m not quite sure what the issue is, as both of the sites work fine to me. They both immediately redirect to and show their pages without issues. Can you screenshot the error and tell me where it occurs?

I’m on my school laptop so I can’t see the sites, but this could be the following:

  1. You are trying to iframe an HTTP website
  2. You are trying to iframe a website but it has X Frame Option set to sameorigin or deny.
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Let’s clarify the issue… using the 301 - Forward with Masking, gives an error and does not reach the site. That error is “support. google. com refused to connect”.

Using a 302 - Forward works ok, same domain, files, site, URL, but no exposes the URL. Want folks to see the domain name not the url location (as you say you could see).

Back history and clarify… I have hosted on GoDaddy for near 20 years. I use the 301 on all my domains without this issue / without exposing the true real URL.

Came to Infinity to do some testing and for backup site option…
a- I loaded the same website files on to Infinity
b- I changed the domain’s existing “301 forward with masking” to the Infinity files
c- I get the error msg about Support .Google .Com
d- if I use the 302 it works but exposes the URL

So question is, how to use the “301 - forward with masking” on Infinity ?


There is no technical definition for “masking”. A redirect sends you to another website and this changes the URL in the browser. That’s how a redirect works. A “redirect with masking” doesn’t exist. If there is masking, it’s not a redirect.

“URL Masking” is usually done with a HTML page on the domain name which shows the target URL in an iframe. This used to work fine in the past, but with browser security getting increasingly improved, this will not work anymore. The reason you’re sent to the Google URL is because your browser blocks the cookies from the iframe (many browsers block third party cookies nowadays to prevent tracking) and the reason the Google URL doesn’t load is because it blocks framing.

So my advice: don’t use URL masking. Ever. For any site on any host under any circumstance. It’s a disgusting stop gap to avoid setting up a domain properly.

Instead, you should add your domains to your hosting accounts the right way. This is how you can do that:


Thank you, I think. Have about 20 domains using the ‘301 - forward with masking’ option, that are forwarding to their own different “site pages” on my account at GD without these error.
Gather maybe the issue is using 301 to forward to files on a different Hosting Service.
Figured others here have domains registered with a different Provider and hosting on Infinity, and some I visited show the domain not the URL, so wondered how they are doing it.


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Not really. The issue is that you’re using URL Masking which you should never do. We have measures in place that are more likely to actually cause problems, but that’s more an issue of URL Masking going the way of the dodo rather than our hosting being unsuitable.

I already told you how to do that:

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Admin, Thank you for the replies, even with some attitude it reads, but the short answer is, that I guess on day one was, this 301 forwarding is not going to work here from there.

GreenReader, I’m not interested in moving the hosting of the Domains. I was looking for an offsite testing and possible backup platform, which appears is not working here.

Mavell, I ran that site test tool, found it failed when testing a domain that has forwarding, or the 301 forwarding. It ran ok against 4 other sites with the raw URL. They came back tested and with an A grading.

All, thanks for the replies. This we beat this horse enough.
In short, appears the options and or changes I was testing are not working here as hoped here, for one reason or another.


PS: the domains have been pointed back to their native Hosting Service - so results now will not match tests.


Because that is really not the way 301’s are supposed to work. 301’s are meant to redirect a user when a page URL changes, and redirect search engines as well (Like Google). In the occurrence where the company changes their domain and uses a 301 on the old domain to bring customers to the new domain, they really don’t care about the ranking of their old domain as it is no longer in use.

It is best practice to redirect within the same domain, and not to an external site. Infinityfree is meant for actually hosting the site, not a backup of it. If you are looking for a backup solution, SSD drives (Like those Seagate 5TB ones) and a fireproof safe is the best way to go. If you only want to test things, I recommend just getting a free sub-domain (As your site users will never see it anyway) and host it here. If you are going to start looking at other free hosts, I will save you some time and tell you that most use the same platform / servers, and will give you the same issues.


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Hi Frolin
its good that you got an " A " on the other 4 sites , welldone !
hopefully the other issues will be solved too.

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