Forward option needs improvement.

I moved my domain from Hostinger, here.

But i can’t use The Email & Forward at the same time.


**Hostinger was requiring me to create an Email address first and then choose where to forward, Here i can’t do both atm. **

I would love if we could do that!
Thanks dear Infinity Admin.

Your Site rocks!
Your Softaculous & CPanel is the best!

Last time I checked with Hostinger, e-mail accounts and e-mail forwarders were mutually exclusive just like they are here, i.e. you can create either a forwarder or an e-mail address for any specific address. If you can have both forwarding and local delivery with them right now, than they implemented that fairly recently.

I like the idea, but I don’t expect we’ll add this feature any time soon. E-mail on free hosting is not really a priority for us right now (it’s primarily about website hosting).