Hello, I’m back with another question.

I have created a software, it is legal, i have copyright and it does not contain any 18+.
Can i use InfinityFree’s Free plan to create a forum for that?

Yes, you can setup free forum using the softaculous.

But can you tell us the exact software that you want to distribute in a forum?

It depends what do you want to do with it, remember that InfninityFree doesn’t intend that you use your website for file hosting and remember that the maximun file size is 10MB. Also you can use Mediafire for file uploading

Thanks for your answers…

Don’t forget to smash the green button!

It is an Operating System

As long as you own or have the right to distribute it then you can freely share it and provide a download link, just make sure to host your operating system on an external cloud service like Google Drive. Yes you can create your own forum for it as well as long as it’s legal.


Try to use Mediafire or Dropbox for downloads, if you want to put it in you website, consider to upgrading to premium hosting

Yes, I only created that Operating System, it is my own product. I have rights to distribute It. Tq!!!

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