Forums with wordpress error

So i have tried to setup forums with wordpress using 2 different popular plugins. (bbpress & wpforo) but both did not create a webpage, when i clicked on the link generated for the forums by both plugins it said 404 error so is it the problem with me setting the plugins wrong? or is it the problem of the website or infinityfree does not support it?

No idea since you did not write clearly.
Did you follow the template?

hey! i am having more errors now, also is there any way to contact you? i really need some help i have discord

If you do not write clearly, no one can help you


What webpage did It not produce? This is a community based forum, no one will give you dedicated support. Note: If you don’t explain clearly = no support :weary:


hmmm i make a new webpage and it is showing 404 error

sometimes this!

Perhaps you should read this

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i deactivated that one and now i created a new one now its redirecting me to

That is caused due to DNS Caching. It will take some time :wink:. Also try flushing your permalinks.

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If you deactivate it, it goes to the suspension page because it has no site to show. If you’re getting a 404 error, you probably need to clear your cache.

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