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Hello dudes, I’ve got a pretty basic question, if you could tell me a forum software that looks the same as Discourse (tried Flarum, seems it won’t install on my dedicated). Because, I like the cleariness of this type of forum, you just need to select a category when creating a new topic and that’s it, no complicated forum-subforum structure.

Why not go for discourse itself as you have a dedicated server?


I can’t manage to set it up

It shouldn’t be that difficult, if you need help pm me



If you already have a web server running, it’s better not to use the Docker container but install it without Docker, even though it might be complicated to maintain but still it is a way to install Discourse on an existing server. You can find the guide here, but if you aren’t running Ubuntu 18.04, you can install Ruby on Rails and the relative software to run Discourse with other methods.


I am using CentOS 7

It will be a little complicated then, since CentOS repositories vary package names and there are sometimes old versions of the softwares you’re going to use to install Discourse. So installing some new versions of the things, like Postgres from PostgreSQL’s repository, Redis from Remi’s repository, Ruby on Rails through RVM and varying some package names with the names listed on yum (for example zlib1g-dev becomes zlib-devel and build-essential is the group Development Tools instead) you may reach the end of installing Discourse without Docker.


Why the process gotta be so painful, probably gonna install xenforo or something like that, but I can’t afford it and I don’t want to have nulled software on a legit website.

I too had a same issue while installing . The error is that port 443 Is being used by another Program in your Server mostly it is used by web server tech So change the port of it . So your problem may solve

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I am also sure this error is bought to you while starting the discourse so change the port in app.yml or Change the ports of webtech then rebuild and run (This should help you)

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If you want to run Discourse on the same server as you’re running other websites on, I would suggest following this official guide:

I can vouch for this guide from experience, this forum is also using the setup described there (although that had to do with standardization, not with running additional sites).

Sure, you may be able to run Discourse natively, but Discourse only supports their Docker install, and trying to replicate that seems like a lot of work for an unsupported setup.

I’m also curious as to whether Flarum wouldn’t work.

And finally, if you want something that just runs on a web hosting account with no fuzz, you can try Vanilla Forums.


Thank you, just installed Flarum on my server, I am also planning on scripting a plugin that will automatically install Flarum from cPanel

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