Forum site accessibility

I have some problems with the accessibility of this site or rather the forum. I wanted to pass a check from your robot to get, let’s say, some additional features that I myself do not know yet, I figured it out with all sorts of pictures, since I am a blind person, I missed something, but suddenly he asked me to find some game in the search , since everything was not so easy, I copied what he asks me to find and tried to do it, but due to the availability of this site I found it.But but I can’t do anything about it, I wrote that one result was found by this request and that’s it. can someone help me if you don’t mind? I can even give data from my account, but I can change my password later.

there was not a game in the search, but something else, just the translator made a mistake.

completely figured it out, so this topic can be closed.

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