Forum read only & down for a bit

About half an hour ago, the forum has been set to read only mode and seems have gone offline for a few moments (cloudflare always online popped up)

After it was recovered, I seems to be logged out on the forum

I’m curious what happened :stuck_out_tongue:


I am guessing discourse upgrade or maintenance?


Yeah I thought of that too, I scanned the site with Cloudflare radar but sadly it didnt tell me any technology versions


Yeah, same problem here. I can’t log in to the DiscourseHub app. It also looks like the domain was switched from .net to .com, but I don’t know when that happened either.



I also noticed the domain’s switch, so I think it was because of the domain change.


Yes, the forums domain was changed from .net to .com. Because of how cookies work, everyone’s been singed out and will need to re-link their account with the client area.

As for Cloudflare errors, it’s all working for me, perhaps try again?


This. The main site, client area and control panel were migrated to the .com domain back in June, but migrating the forum was postponed because it was a bit more involved.

The forum was put in maintenance mode because it was a risky operation involving database changes, which had the risk of data loss.

Everything went well though. But indeed, you will need to login again.


Ohh. that’s why it asked for login again…


I was finally able to log in again. It seems like if I try to log in directly from the forum, it gives 502. I fixed this by go to client area, sign in, then go to the forum. I can’t do this with DiscourseHub. Whenever I try to sign in there, it takes me to Firefox (my default browser where I have successfully singed into the forum) and give me this error:

This is the one I can’t seem to remedy.


IIRC this came up before. I think it had something to do with having too many cookies set, and the client area server refusing the request because the request header was too big. Clearing cookies may help. But I’ll take a look at how it was fixed before, and if that fix maybe got lost somewhere.

I never used DiscourseHub myself. But I just tried to use it myself, but I was able to login without any problems.

The message implies a timeout, so maybe the authentication nonce expired. Did you take a long time to login to the client area?

Also, are you actually trying to login to or The domain transfer may be causing issues there too.


Every time it took me to login I had to put in the email and password and OTP. That may have taken me too long, but I don’t know.

I removed the old one and connected to the .com. But I think I was doing it wrong. Instead of clicking the “connect” button I was just tapping on it. That’s not how your supposed to do it, apparently.

Anyway, I got it working because I was able to post this from the DiscourseHub app :slight_smile:


Sad I missed this outage :slight_smile:
And nice domain switch


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