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I would like to change my InfinityFree Forum name. I understand that this can be done only once but is there a way for Admin to change it?

You could change it ftom settings - > ClientArea. But i bet username change is disabled.

When it’s disabled. It’s disabled we cannot change your username

Edit : I meant ClientArea - > settings


You can’t change it once it’s set, sorry. I wish you could though because I need to change mine as well


I can change usernames by hand, but I would rather offer a way to do this automatically. There are some unknown regarding client and forum syncs which I need to figure out before that’s possible.

I’ve added a note to the issue tracker to look into this.


If possible, please change mine to Jason. If it breaks anything I don’t mind, I just urgently need to change mine.

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Jason Splash?

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lol no i thought splash was cool now i dont like it

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What about using your IGN or website name or etc… rather than your name? Just suggesting…

it’s not suitable for the forums 0_0

Guess I’m not gonna change my username. Regardless of whatever it means bad or not :expressionless:


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