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For whatever reason I got an iPhone 6 running iOS 12 and I see this:

I do notice that the link comes from the discourse officials.Does this really means that this forum will eventually end support for old devices? :thinking:

By the way, I was curious about what is the current compatibility of this forum.(Because I’m getting “incompatible” on iOS 14 too on other discourse forums.) And if nobody is interested in this, just ignore me. :grin:

iPhone 6 is almost 8 years old now, you probably need something different. But you mention that it shows that on the 14, so I don’t know what to tell you. I don’t get any messages like that on my iPhone (but I’m also using the DiscourseHub app). Maybe it’s just a universal message displayed no matter which version of the browser you’re using (though I highly doubt that).

And yes, it most likely is true that Discourse will stop supporting older browsers, as it is difficult to maintain compatibility across different technology, and even more difficult to maintain compatibility when you add in devices/software that are almost a decade old (which is considerably old in the realm of tech).

So yeah, I got no definitive answer (but I also know very little about Discourse and I also don’t run this forum).


This means that interactive content will not be displayed, only HTML.

You need to update the browser or modify the UA or use Firefox.

Discourse version 3+ as far as I can see, the minimum is 15.7


I didn’t even know that was a thing!




Know this so it is not my main device, anyways.

No, not really, at least in this forum.I do get messages telling my browser is too old on 14 but that is other discourse based forums.(Like discourse official/CF)

I checked the link in that error message and it was coming from a blog post in January 2023.So I think that admin don’t really want to update this forum now and that message was probably some built-in with this discourse version.

Emmm… Never heard of that :joy:

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Well, that was not true on this forum.As you can see this message itself is rich content.(And this post is initiated on an iPhone 6.)
The situation you described only occured on more “agressive” forums which already keep up with the pace and end support for iOS 15.7-

Anyways, thanks to both of you @Oxy and @wackyblackie :grinning:

Still, I know that someone on this forum tried to check the forum on a watch.
Why would I ever mention this


This forum is updated following the “stable” branch, which is usually quite late with feature changes, and possibly deprecations too. Updates are typically applied within a day or two after they are released, I don’t think it’s responsible to purposely run outdated software.


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