Form submission handling not working. Something to do with URIs?

UGH. Hopefully last post for tonight, this stuff ain’t easy for a noob like me.

So my website is working ( but when submitting a form there is a problem. So when a user makes a post, it posts the form data to a script called ForumMAIN_Handler.php, on my xampp local host this works fine, but here it just gives me a blank screen. I check the phpmyadmin database and none of the info has been added. None of the script is running.

So I did some poking around. I went into inspect element > debugger > main thread > blob:// >, and got the error Error loading this URI: Unknown source

What the heck does this mean? How do I solve it? when can I finish this whole process and go to bed?

Any help is very appreciated.

When I submit your form, I actually get a HTTP 500 Error. Something seems to be wrong with your script.


Try simply writing it as

if ($conn->connect_error) {
    echo 'Connection failed: '.$conn->connect_error;

Use single quotes, not double.

It seems to be working now, @FaerieFire

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