Form Send Message Button

I want to know how to create a button who send a message to me

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I don’t understand

Doesn’t work !

The short answer to your question: you’ll need server side code to do it. And to get that code, you’ll either need to write it yourself or use some pre-existing code to use it.

However, please note that the standard PHP mail() function is disabled on our hosting, but you can send messages using other email providers using SMTP.

Because sending messages with an external SMTP server involves quite a lot of additional setup, we created a contact form template with SMTP (and ReCaptcha) you can use. But although it contains a lot of useful code already, you’re still responsible for installing it, configuring it, and integrating it in your website.

And if this isn’t your cup of tea, then please consider not custom coding your own website in plain HTML, and instead use a website builder (like the Site Builder in the client area) or a CMS (like WordPress) to build your website instead.


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