Forgot email

Whoops! I have forgotten the email I used to create the account for my domain

Is there anyway you and tell me the email and that way I will be able to login!


@Admin please reply

Do Not Mention Admin (your wasting your time, it’s disabled)

He will in his own time

Then who and when reply


When they have time

I’m really need it.

Please help me respected responsibility


When I don’t remember email then how

that’s on you

Due to the security measures, we do not publish private data just because you are wanting it, and you’re posting this one a support forum, if you’re going to share more data for proof in order to access your account, please email to [email protected]

@Deveroonie Please do not spam topics just to remind a very simple mistake, especially when you have no idea how to answer their questions, regards.


I have mailed also but no reply I got

Admin is busy with real life issues, please be patient.


Also Admin is(maybe) in different timezone of yours, so it might take some time…


If you emailed, you would know your email address to send that email

Maybe he has send it through another email address?

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