Foreign Key don't work

I am the user epiz_33179510 and my website is
I have a database with 2 tables, and when I want to create a foreign key from one table (the “deplacements” table to the “labyrinthes” table), there is blank fields when it is about choosing the database and the table to refer to.
I do use only InnoDB databases and utf-8_bin, but it doesn’t seem to change things…

Sorry, here is a screenshot of the problem :

Have You put the table’s index.
Fk need an index before you can select relations on phpmyadmin.

phpMyAdmin can sometimes be a bit funny to work with. If it’s giving you trouble, it’s also very easy to install Adminer on your own account and use that to manage your database instead.


Yes, I created two indexes on the two colomns I want to join, but it still doesn’t work…
I will try installing Adminer, like you said.

I had the same problem and I managed to define the foreign key with using the “Designer” view at the database level. From this view, I used “New relation” and I could draw a link between the reference key in the first table and the (to be) foreign key in the second table. This resulted in the definition of a the second key as a foreign key.

Thank you everyone. I tried with Adminer and it perfectly worked, I think it was phpMyAdmin that was capricious.


So. This topic has a solutions already.
But i just want to comment, how about the solution with design view. Is it work?

i mean not too fair to say a big software is capricious. Maybe, just maybe something new experiences just happen

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