For a free service, you can't do better than Infinity Free

I always see people complaining about stuff here. They want all the features of a premium hosted account or VPS without having to pay for anything. My advice? Pick two:

  1. Good
  2. Fast
  3. Cheap

You can’t have the best of all worlds without paying something. How many other free services give you Control Panel? or Databases? or DNS? or FTP accounts? or Cron jobs? The answer: NONE! Most free accounts give you nothing. You get very small storage space or no tools or features.

If you are using this service to set up your site or just learning about system admin or web development ---- it’s perfect! But, if you’re trying to run a business on a free service you’re going to have a bad time. This service is limited (because it’s free!) and you can only go so far… if you need a professional web hosting service then pay for one. You can upgrade your Infinity Free account very easily. Just pay for the premium service and most of your problems will be solved automatically (e.g. daily backups, uptime, limits, etc.)

I have a few free sites and I love that Infinity Free servers offer pretty much everything that a regular hosting service offers – but, for free! I’ve also set up Zoho mail for my free domain to get email service too.

I can understand why Infinity Free stopped offering email… spammers are a huge problem and always have been. I think that Infinity Free could solve this problem by charging a tiny, tiny amount for every email sent. Imagine that you get charged 0.003 cents for every message you send? You send a 100 emails a month. You get charged 30 cents. For most people this would be a good compromise. But, for spammers, this would be too expensive. They don’t want to send 100 emails – they want to send 100,000 – and this would cost them $300. Way too expensive for spammers! If you could fund your account with crypto this would be even better. Transfer your crypto earnings (like BAT) to a wallet which can be used to pay for outgoing email. That would be a cool service.

But, there are lots of people here who complain about stuff. I think that Infinity Free does the best free servers on the Internet. The combination of features and options can’t be beat!

Good job Infinity Free! Keep going.


Thank you for your feedback on InfinityFree, have you taken a look at this topic?

Sure, but we can always use external services and then set them up using Gmail SMTP.


Thank you for the kind words! Glad to hear you like what we’re doing.

The issue with this is that most payment processors charge ~$0.30 just to process the payment plus a percentage of the payment amount. So really you don’t want to charge less than, say, $5, or the payment processor will take all your profits.

The only way something like this could work is if you’re working with prepaid deposits. So people would have to deposit an amount, say $10 first, and then pay as you go afterwards. But I don’t know how happy people would be to have to deposit such a relatively large sum before being able to send their first email.

And plenty of email service providers provide free tiers that let you send a thousand or so emails per month for free.

Depending on the chain you’re using, you may still have high transaction fees (gas fees). BAT specifically is either on the Ethereum chain (expensive) or Solana (don’t get me started - check the news).


I didn’t leave a review on Trust Pilot yet. But, I will. Thanks for the reply.

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Yeah, there’s always a tradeoff. People have been trying to solve the spam problem online for decades now. I don’t blame you for dropping email. It’s just not worth the hassle. I left a review on Trust Pilot and gave you 5 stars. I appreciate all the services you offer. I switched to AwardSpace for awhile but dropped them and decided to use Infinity Free instead. Your service is much better and offers a lot more to end-users who are trying to get started.


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