Font not loading correctly

My website URL is:

What I’m seeing is:

The page I have set up is loading correctly for the most part, except for the fonts.
getting the “blocked by CORS policy” errors in the console.

I’m using this software:

filezilla (for converting /ttf and generating css)

Additional information:

I’ve googled the issue and looked in the forums but nothing I’ve found has worked so far. I’ve tried moving the font files locations, messing with capitalization, refreshed cache, added ?v=1 to the stylesheet link tag. at this point I’m assuming either I’m missing something or there’s oddities with the servers I’m not aware of. Everything is fine when I tested it on my computer, and I’m not using paths are are specific to my computer, the images load fine. Help would be greatly appreciated.

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the problem is in the name because it contains the word CHAT
rename to something else and edit CSS to reflect the new name

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