Folders deleted - who / why?

A folder full of images etc which are part of a personal website for monitoring a CCTV camera at home have suddenly vanished without trace. Is it at all possible to get a log of when / why this has happened? I’m open to the possibility that this was user error, but I am 99% sure that I did nothing that would cause this.

Must have happened at sometime in the last 6 hours (current time is 15:35 GMT on 21st Feb 2019).

Happy to provide the domain / username etc if admin could specifically look into it?

I don’t know why this happened, but I wouldn’t be surprised if a server admin deleted them.

Please keep in mind that we provide website hosting. That means our hosting is intended to be used to serve website pages. Using our hosting as a backup storage, media sharing or file distribution service is not allowed.

So please stop uploading these files to our servers immediately, because we do not allow such usage.

Some cameras are easily hacked by anyone. Perhaps InfinityFree systems detected that you are only using their hosting to upload media and no HTML.

Hi - this is genuinely a website, nothing untoward - no backup storage, media sharing or file distribution, just a webpage which me and my family view of the goings on in my backgarden - fairly standard early 2000’s webcam stuff!!

I think my camera got a bit motion-over-sensitive, so there were more files uploaded than normal perhaps, but this is no less a website than many others I’m sure.

Cpanel reports 178mb storage used, 63mb bandwidth. Not sure how long those periods are over, and not sure if you think those volumes are excessive or not. Happy to work to moderate that if you think that is excessive, I do appreciate that running a “free” service means we’re under a strict obligation to play by the rules, and I truly don’t think I’m intentionally or unintentionally breaking them. But if web-serving a few refreshed webcam images like that which are entirely domestic, dull and non-controversial is a problem then let me know and I’ll find a solution.

The problem isn’t what you’re uploading, it’s how you’re uploading it. Our FTP service is intended for website administration, not automated media backup/distribution. Any kind of automatic uploading is not allowed on our hosting, even if the content being uploaded does follow our terms.

I’m not entirely sure, but I don’t think the bandwidth counter measures FTP bandwidth usage. We do have fair usage restrictions on FTP uploads, but these are not displayed in the control panel.

We’re still happy to host your website. But please stop the automatic uploading of these webcam images.

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