Folder not published to domain

The selected folder is not published to domain

I’m trying to publish my webpage from Sparkle, an application from Apples App Store, it has a self publish process.

The domain is procured through, hosted by infinity - when I try to publish my website to the htdocs folder from sparkle I get the errors that the folder is not published to the domain

Hi and welcome to the forum

all files must go in the htdocs folder

htdocs is a public folder

please check if you have done everything as it should be guided by this article

if all else fails use the Export to disk option and then use it this way


I checked your account and it doesn’t appear that any files have been uploaded to it.

Your domain is an addon domain, so the files for it should be uploaded to the folder You can always view the directory of an account in the Domains list in the client area.


Hi, thanks for the reply, I appreciate it.

Its physically stopping me from uploading files to htdocs.

I don’t have export to disk as an option in my package with sparkle at present, trying to avoid this.

I’ve followed that guide but no joy, I’ll try some screen shots.

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Hi, thanks for checking this.

Sparkle is preventing me from adding any files, the error message stops me from uploading them.

OK, so it would seem that Sparkle tries to verify the file upload location before actually uploading files. But I think that they are unable to do so because this security system is preventing the app from seeing the file on your site.

So like @Oxy said: I think your best bet is to export the files locally and upload them yourself.


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