Flarum - How do i transfer data from freeflarum with mysql?

How do i transfer my forum database from freeflarum here? I don’t know how to use mysql command line.

Forum URL: My Flarum
Account Username: epiz_30876775

Flarum Version: 1.2.0

You cannot. You can only export the forum from freeflarum, but not import existing an existing flarum. So this isn’t the right place to ask either.

I assume you’re referring to these instructions? Because if not, then please link the steps or guide you’re following, because it’s really hard for us to help you execute a guide here when we don’t know the steps.


In any case, you should be able to import the database dump with the Import functionality of phpMyAdmin. Assuming the database dump is small, you can just upload the database file in phpMyAdmin and that’s it!

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Even after exporting there is no use, freeflarum doesn’t have a feature to import forum database, it has only an option to export databases of forums hosted with them. Hope it make’s clear @ItsGamingTube

But @ItsGamingTube said:

As I understand it, the question is about transferring a Flarum installation FROM FreeFlarum TO InfinityFree. So those instructions are relevant, and the other way around doesn’t matter.


Oh sorry, I misunderstood.

Hi there. Thank you for helping me with the database part. I didn’t know how to import because on their support page they said that i have to use command line that is not available on InfinityFree (or users).

Maybe do that part on your machine and then upload the files.

Admin said i can upload the database from mysql so i don’t have to run command line (ssh) on my computer and then upload the files.

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command line isn’t ssh

this throws a 500

It should works now.


Try url https://forum.bloxstargames.cf (moved the forum).

Can you also help me with the very weird CSS error? (it fixed by itself but the names are weird)

Probably but you will need to make a new topic

It will work now. Hard refresh the page or open incognito.

yea it’s a prob with ?i=1, try some .htaccess stuff i guess

I disabled and enabled the language pack and my site is now messed.

While it’s not working yet and asking me to hard-refresh, I did notice something new at the footer which says - “A free forum powered by Free Flarum (remove)” It asks to make some donation to remove this footer.
While I am completely in support of this concept and do understand why this donation is necessary to run all this… but here is my issue.

I had this forum previously on my self-hosted server but planning to migrate since the old server credit is expiring. But then I noticed this amazing thing called Freeflarum. Currently, I don’t earn any money from this community but I do have plans to make it a nice professional community. For all this, I want to make it white-labeled. I would love to make some donations once I start making some earning or getting some considerable traffic . So, is there any way to be able to remove it?

PS: I can surely donate $5 or something but it feels embarrassing to pay such a low amount for the amazing service you guys are doing. I hope you understand my worries. Basically, I have to migrate one of my forums named best remote onboarding software due to virus attack.

You can follow below-mentioned steps for Exporting your Forum -

FreeFlarum does not want to lock you into its service, so at any time you are free to take your data and move your forum elsewhere. Here are the steps you need:

  1. Log in to FreeFlarum and download your database and avatars.
  2. Install Flarum (same version!) elsewhere, and follow the regular documentation to do that. Test if your new installation is working.
  3. Import your database: zcat flarum_myforum.sql.gz | mysql -u USER -h HOST -p where USER and HOST are from your new database account.
  4. Restore your avatars: unzip the avatars file to /public/assets/avatars
  5. To be sure, clear the cache: php flarum cache:clear
  6. Finished :slight_smile:

Hope this solution will help you properly.

Please note that we do not run Flarum. If you click that link to donate, you will be donating to Flarum (The creators of the software) and not InfinityFree.

If that amazing seems to little for you, you can always donate more!