First time hosting - webpage not showing up

Username ( epiz_33783322) or

Error Message

Instead of seeing the webpage I coded (white background photo) I’m getting some random webpage (dark background photo) when I enter the domain name in my browser.

Other Information

I purchased the domain name from Google and changed the nameservers accordingly, got an SSL certificate issued, and uploaded all relevant files to the htdocs folder. I waited 72 hours after making any changes and the same issue comes up. I’ve tried clearing my browser cache and nothing has happened. This is my first time publishing a webpage and using a hosting service, is there something that I’m missing or doing wrong?

Thanks in advance for any guidance!

This shows my webpage when I run the html/css/js in pycharm.

I see this


Please delete domain from hosting account then add it in again


Thanks I’ll do that today. Do you have any ideas as to what went wrong with my first try?

It’s a known bug that DNS records sometimes don’t get set up correctly, especially if it’s the domain you’re using to create the account. But so far we’ve been unable to fix it.

It’s not something you did or could have prevented.


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