Firewall blocking my hosted site?

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Error Message

Can’t connect to URL “”. Please check site’s firewall settings

I have installed the ‘convertful’ plugin in the above wordpress site & have also installed the SSL certificate but still I can’t connect to convertful. I have no other plugins installed in my site. So I want to know whether any firewall connection from your side is blocking the connection?

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No issue

Sounds like due to this


So Sir, you mean I can’t connect the ‘Convertul’ plugin in my WordPress site to the Convertful website? And then, what is the solution?

Please read the article linked in the post


Dear Sir,
I’m not a technical person so can’t understand all these technical things… kindly tell me please in yes or no , if it is possible to connect to convertful? I went through the article you posted but it went over my head.

No. That’s all for you now.


That is rude on your part. I am not a business person & just a student hosting this site as part of a project… Will it cost you so much to say a ‘Yes or No’ ?? I am really astonished!!

It didn’t cost much. My answer is “No, you can’t.”.



I thought he just answered the way you asked for?

Then learn about the security system, and figure out the difference between a browser and an API access attempt. This “just tell me yes or no” attitude won’t get you a long way.

And I would say this sounds very rude.


Oh I see!! That sounds rude & not your reply??

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