Find Wordpress content

I am a beginner.
I cant find the wordpress content like pugins in my database.
Can anyone helps me to find it?
Also I didn’t find the public html in my database.

it should be inside htdocs->(where you’ve installed wordpress)


Thanks brother I found that.I have added an ‘add on domain’ from c panel.After completing everything it is saying ’ please upload your files into the HTDOCS folder inside your domain name folder’…
Now tell me which folders and files should I upload to the new add on domain’s file?

If domain is, then you shd upload to


Which file should I upload to that folder?
I am a beginner.

Your website file, of course.

Can you please describe what your end goal is? It might save us a bit of going back and forward if we can just tell you how to reach your goal right away instead of answering how to take a single step.

And if you’re a beginner, maybe the steps you think you need to take aren’t the right steps at all? So please let us help you.

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