FileZilla not working

What is wrong?

The ftp servers are down, and that is a normal thing. You will have to wait. But the strange thing is that this time you cant even ping them. So no file transfers! If you are thinking about online file manager, that won’t work, because it also runs on ftp. We are probably being DDOS’ed.

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4 days it doesn’t work anymore

What? it worked at 10pm yesterday!

maybe I’m doing something wrong

Nono, you just have to persistently try. It works like for 10 mins and in another 5 it is down again.

It will work in a few hours (Hope at least)

It is up and running! Download your files immediately!


Please view this.


and no, please try your best not to max out the servers again. Files won’t be corrupted, it just that you can’t connect.


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