FileZilla (need help)


STATUS: suspended.
Because it reached daily CPU usage.

I have Filezilla and I cannot access with FTP, " Critical error: Could not connect to server" appears, and does not connect, is it because my account is suspended? And another question, if I do that and edit for it, can I avoid being suspended for the daily uses that free hosting has?

Nevermind. It doesn’t work, so it depends on their reaction speed really.

How do I do this?

When an account is suspended, you cannot access the files


Yes but filemanager ssl is also expired

i cant edit anything

What doesn’t work? FTP?


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Will be fixed soon

but yes, when you are suspended for hitting the limits, you are suspended temporarily (24 hours)

this limit can’t be removed on request

So I have to wait a few hours for my account to come back before I can use FileZilla?

well yes

Yes, I thought I could access Xampp, WampServer or FileZilla even though I was suspended, but apparently it is not possible: /

But in summary, if I have WordPress on my computer and edit the site through FileZilla, do I avoid daily limits?

that is what “suspended” means - basically unable to access/edit anything for X time


And if I create a website offline on my computer using WordPress and then send it here, is it possible? So could I avoid the daily CPU limit more often?

Well if you first do the website locally without any online traffic and only when it’s done, by uploading it yes you can avoid it

Okay, so how do I transfer everything I did to my computer and keep editing it offline and then send it back to infinity?

Download the files, edit locally and send them back