Filezilla a virus?!?!

I downloaded FileZilla from my website’s vistapanel so I could have a FTP account and it downloaded some “anti virus” on my computer. I’m 99% sure its malware or something and I’m trying to get it off. Did this happen to anyone else? (Sorry if this is in the wrong category I’m just really concerned because I think my computer has malware or something now.)

When downloading software, it is always a good idea to get it from its official source only.

If you think you have a virus, run a virus scan. I would delete whatever you downloaded, and download the official file from the link below.


I have had this problem before. You need to make sure that you download from the official source, as Greenreader9 said. The way I solved this was I downloaded the latest stable version from SourceForge instead of the website because the distribution on the website has some paid advertisement or whatever.

Edit: you may have to disable your antivirus during setup.


This is exactly what happened to me. I downloaded from the official website (the one linked on vistapanel) and it gave me this weird antivirus and it said that it was “sponsored” once I looked at what I downloaded again. I ran a virus scan but it couldn’t find any malware or anything and now the internet doesn’t work on the computer.

I should have done this. But I thought it was best to download it from the link that vistapanel gave me…

So are you using your phone to post here? If you downloaded it from the official site, you should have no issues. If your internet is truly not working, it is probably your anti-viral software doing it as some sort of safety precaution.


The download link in the control panel goes to Download FileZilla Client for macOS. That’s the official website which, as far as I know, provides safe builds of FileZilla. We do not redistribute FileZilla ourselves.


No I was using a different computer. The internet worked fine but the internet on the computer didn’t. Every website I went to said “internet access blocked” which is why I was sure it was malware. I deleted temporary data on the computer and stuff like that and restarted the laptop (I know that’s probably a bad idea but I tried everything and the internet didn’t work.) After that the laptop updated and the internet started working again. Then I used a different virus protection to scan the computer and 15 threats were found and it got rid of all of them. So I’m pretty sure the laptop is fine now but I’m also pretty sure that the FileZilla installer put some kind of malware on the laptop.



And on the official download page it is known to find unwanted software because it inserts a third party into the installer (so some users can just squeeze next,next,next and get a bunch of unwanted stuff)

That’s why it’s always best to go manually here and download the clean version

Download FileZilla Client

Before… they didn’t care so much and it wasn’t checked in detail ( or their earnings were more important)
so a lot of things were put into the installer

and when people rebelled publicly
and said they find malware in the installer (not clean things like chrome browser, etc.)

then they approached it a little more cautiously and think what they would insert from third parties into the installer (but you should never trust this especially if the 3party code is closed)

Also, it depends on how old the installer you have too .


When I downloaded filezilla from the official source, they told me that they might include bundled offers, like you said. However, when offered I clicked decline (it offered the free avast, which I heard had some problems and issues related to selling data or something). It was installed without issue and I haven’t had any problems so far. Should I be concerned right now? Or do you think it is safe?

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You should be fine.


Ok. I might do a virus scan, but eh I think it is fine :slight_smile:

I am just curious though, @Oxy, you said that the official download page is known to have unwanted software, but you also listed a link to the official download page and said to go there. Also, why is there a show_all=1 in the link? Does that have anything to do with this?


You mean you don’t have your scan software to run an auto-scan every x days? When working with code and lots of programs, and especially visiting unknown websites (like people that post here), it is a good idea.


because they made a PHP query string (?) to return 1 = true
and then lists all versions

Screenshot 2022-04-04 222748


Screenshot 2022-04-04 222818

Should I be fine with the “normal” download?

I kind of just do it here and there. Plus, my dad doesn’t let me access the control panel (it’s webroot endpoint protection).

Yeah I should have clicked decline but it made it sound like some EULA or something like that so I thought I should click accept. I have no idea if its still safe or not but I’m probably not gonna try it…

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Probably just the adware they tricked me with that got me the malware. I probably just should have been more careful.


I did pay attention to the fact that they have sponsors in their installers, and I saw the avast and right away knew it was just an offer. I clicked decline.


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