Hi so i have a folder in /htdocs/ its called wierd i wanna move everything inside wierd to /htdocs but the problem is the wierd folder has alot of stuff in it and it took 3 hours to upload and i wanna take everything outside of the folder and put it in htdocs i have tried options to i dont know how to do it

All you can do is use an FTP Client, like FileZilla and copy everything into the htdocs folder. There is no other way except for copying or uploading everything again.


ok i will try to thanks

You can just move the files without reuploading. There is no need whatsoever to copy, download or reupload files.

You can even do this from the file manager. Simply navigate to the folder with all website content, use shift+click to select all files and directories there, right click and select Cut. Then, move to your target directly and click Paste.


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