Files won't upload

My website URL is:

**What I’m seeing is: I cannot upload files in the server (i.e in the htdocs folder). I have used the inbuilt server file manager as well as a 3rd party FTP manager to upload the files and yet the file doesn’t show up after the upload. While using the inbuilt file manager I get “the upload failed: 413/” error at the end of the upload. And while I used a 3rd party FTP, the files just disappear after the upload. **

I’m using this software: WinSCP

Additional information:

Are you uploading a file bigger than 10 MBs? That can’t be done. Please unpack it (if it’s a zipped file) and upload all the files inside it on the htdocs folder, or if it’s another file type make sure the file size is lower than 10 MBs.

Ohk Thanks man

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