Files Uplouding errors

my webside files not uplouding because webside size limit 15mb how to increase it plz help me.

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plz increase my file size uplouding limit can i do it. in premium subscription have limit?

Please do reply to your old topic, I’ll suspend you if you keep spamming forum.

in premium subscription have file size uplouding limit?

Please read my articles!! and no, they’ve lesser limits

There is no file/upload size limit on premium hosting. Also, DO AS @anon19508339 SAID!

i have read your all articales

No you haven’t, it already has described the reason and premium hosting

i am leaving free hosting infinityfree webside all hosting free but why file size uplouding limit.

Because otherwise people would be uploading 10gb backup files, and abuse the unlimited storage, as described in the article BayoDino sent

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because it is enough to host a website. :slightly_smiling_face:

It has already explained in articles I’ve shared.


But OP hasn’t looked at em. It’s trollish


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