Files run locally but not when I do it on a broser

I have a website with many hyperlinks. So, when I open a webpage using a hyperlink locally, it works. But when I do it in a browser, it doesn’t and error 404 pops up.
I have tried checking the name of the html file that I have to link the other file to, it is all correct.
I don’t know why this is happening
Please help

Check this out

If you need more help, provide more info.
What is the url?


Many pages don’t work. Like this on After going into the link, click on above 1000pounds or 500 to 100 pounds.

Because clicking that button leads to a URL like, and that does not exist on your website.

That’s because you have your link as <a href="uk.gaming.laptop.above£500.html">, but the  and £ characters are getting encoded.


Indeed, the pound sign is not getting encoded properly on your website.

I took a quite look at your code and it seems like the file itself is stored with UTF-8 encoding and the pound sign set correctly.

To make sure that browsers also render the file with UTF-8, you can add the following meta tag to the head section of all your pages:

<meta charset="UTF-8">

But I would also avoid having special characters in file names in the first place, as character encoding tends to get messy. So instead of calling the file above£500.html, you could call it above500.html.


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