Files not uploading

Since yesterday, every time I try to upload a new copy of my index.php file, it loads about halfway and then stops, and won’t finish no matter how long I wait. What gives?

My site is

Can you…

Provide the files name, and size

Try using the FileZilla FTP client and sharing the error logs.


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I already told you the file name: index.php. And it’s 138 KB in size. I do not have Filezilla, I’m using the file manger here.

Sorry, I must have missed that. Your file size is under the limit, so it should upload ok. Have you uploaded other files to the same directory successfully?

I recommend you download FileZilla and share the logs, that way we will know what went wrong and where.

No files can be uploaded.

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Try again and do all steps from linked article above, please.


OK. But I don’t know how to use Filezilla. What do I put in the Host, Username, Password, and Port fields?

Find it on client area.


All that information can be found under the “FTP” header in the client area.


Then learn

Alright, I uploaded the file successfully with Filezilla (though the transfer somehow ruined the formatting and rendered it an unreadable mess, it still actually works.) Your site’s file manager is still refusing to upload anything. So the problem seems to be entirely on your end.

You know nothing of what I’m trying to do or what my resources are. If you have no helpful advice to give, do feel free to keep the snarky comments to yourself.

How am I suppose to know when you do not write clearly? Anyway filezilla is very simple and easy to use. :slight_smile:

The traditional method of learning something you know nothing about is asking questions.

And whether you find my writing clear or not, it is a lot better communication than useless, snarky, judgmental BS.

Now look here, Mac, it’s not really relevant how easy YOU think learning it is. This is not my area of expertise. I am self employed, and with recent inflation, I am busy 25 hours a day, 8 days a week. On top of that, my terminally ill sister has asked me to make her an online version of a game she played with her daughter when they were growing up, so that she can still bond with them while she is bed bound and they are halfway around the world. Her response to my telling her that I know nothing of such things was “You’re clever, you’ll figure it out.”

Well, I learned all the HTML, PHP, and AJAX needed to do it. And I would REALLY like to get it to her in time for Christmas, like she asked. But this place, with its outdated, incorrect instructions, frequent crashes, files refusing to upload, etc., is so far proving to be a major impediment to doing so. So yes, when I found that yet another problem with this place was delaying me with so little time left, and that somehow I had to spend more of my precious time figuring it out, because there’s no support to do it, I came damn close to chucking it all in and looking for a new host, even at this late date.

I have no time for this. I have no time to learn skills YOU think are easy to acquire. And I have no time to bandy words with children, so, I’m out of here.


You’re lucky… I was told to make a new topic, so I tried. Unfortunately my topic too close to other topics and the forum refuses to allow me to post my issue.

I cannot upload ANY file.

I am not jumping hoops. I just want to use my file manager. Is that so much to ask?

Thank you.

If you cannot help yourself, no one can help you.

And to be honest it’s both person’s firewall/internet.

Is FileZilla not better and feature-rich than the online file manager? I mean FTP is the basics of running your website. The online filemanager cannot handle big operations.

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Stick to the topic and don’t discuss unnecessary things


How about we STOP with this attacking other people thing?

I agree!

Congrats, that is difficult to do, I can see that you are really involved in this, and care about your sister a lot.

The instructions are correct, and can be found in the forum docs. The crashes and such are due to DNS attacks on the servers.

The online filemanager is an online filemanager. It does not, and is not meant to replace actual FTP software. It uses web technologies like PHP, and PHP is nowhere near as capable as the languages used in actual software.

Using FileZilla is super simple once you know how to use it.
First, download it from Download FileZilla Client for macOS (Intel) (Be sure to select the correct platform once you click the link).
Next, enter the username, password, and hostname from the client area into the top bar of the software, then click “QuickConnect”
Once you are connected, the servers files (What you see in the filamanager) is on the right. Your PC’s files are on the left. Drag and drop files and/or folders from your PC to the server to upload them.
Clear your cache, and reload your website.
If you get any errors, just copy and paste the error message from FileZilla’s top-middle panel.