Files cannot be reached from other websites


I’m trying to embed an image I’m creating with php on my InfinityFree space into other sources such as forum signatures, however when I try to do so they cannot load/reach/find the picture.

The picture is this and I can display it in the browser fine, chmod is 664, publicly viewable, however other, remote source can not load it, they are typically not very talkative about internal errors so I’m having toubles identifying the issue.

I’ve tried to attach the image to my signature in a forum (running XenForo), the message was “Image cannot be loaded from the passed link.”
I’ve tried to load the image from url into TinEye image search, the message is “We are sorry but TinEye could not read that image. This may be due to an unsupported file format if the image is not a JPEG, PNG, GIF, BMP, TIFF or WebP. Or the image might be corrupted if the upload didn’t complete. Please try uploading your image again.”

I’ve tried to look at the picture though WebProxies to see if they display any server messages, but they display some Google Help page instead.

I’ve tried to create a new subdomain and try from there, , the same results.

Can InfinityFree not be used to be hosting image files or what’s the issue here?

Yes, you cannot do that due to the security system. Infinityfree is meant to host a website, not as a third party image service.


You can’t embed your picture hosted here to somewhere else due to security system.


Wow that’s kind of ridiculous, like making a car with only 3 tyres, takes the whole purpose out of it for me.

Website hoster but not image hoster? There are more free image hosters out there than you can count, but whatever.


If a car can run with 3 tyres then giving 3 tyres for free is more than enough know!

definitely not file hosting.

You can use it know !

Have you asked them ever why then they cant give site hosting while they provide image hosting???!! LOL :stuck_out_tongue:


Ever tried to read the terms of service?? It’s clearly mentioned it cannot be used as a file hoster.


It is a file hoster…

Goes to say who would abuse InfinityFree for massive image hosting when there’s tons of free image hosters out there where they are doing it every day.

And it is easily bypassed anyway, can have any php script send as Content-Type: image/png.

then use that service, don’t use this.


Prevention is better than cure! The one who still asking for image hosting when he aware of image hosting spam will do that too!

I think there is a misunderstanding in this topic.

You are certainly allowed to upload images if you use them on your website. This is the intended purpose.

However, you are not allowed to upload images and then share the image and tell people to download it.

I know this is a bit of a grey area, so hopefully I have cleared it up a bit.


unfortunately, the OP clearly mentioned that he/she was trying to embed it on another site.


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