Files and folders are not being deleted, unable to install wordpress, stuck at 95%

Unable to install Wordpress

When I got stuck at 95% during first wordpress installaton through softaculous, I read a post about deleting everything in htdocs folder and delete every database. I did that. But during wordpress installation for second time I got stuck at 95% again. When I checked filemanager in htdocs folder I saw that 2 folders i.e.“wp” and “wp2” are still there(i tried installing in this folder). Tried deleting these but getting error “could not read line from socket”. Please help. I am just starting my first website.

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put a dot in front of the name of this file to be .htaccess


Softaculous uninstall - How to remove a installation

file manager (MonstaFTP) can have problems, so it is recommended to use this FTP client

If it still stays at 95% try later in two or three hours


Thanks OxyDac for pointing out the .htaccess name. Currently i am unable to uninstall through softaculous because the installation was never complete. I have created a new account after deleting everything in the previous account. tried installing wordpress but stuck at 95% again. So I am trying to upload Wordpress manually through ftp. Filezilla says insecure-server-it-does-not-support-ftp-over-tls. But I am ignoring it now.

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Our FTP server supports FTP with “Explicit TLS”. If FileZilla says otherwise, that means you’re not connected to our FTP server.

You can remove the files and database by hand. No need to create an entirely new account.


Thanks for your reply. Somehow during FTP process 1 prompt told me that the server uses tls 1.2 so I am sure the issue is from Filezilla side. Also now I am able to manually delete files and folders. No problem right now.
I was a fool to manually install wordpress in a sub-folder and not in htdocs folder. But I got around with it with some changes in .htaccess. So in just 3-4 days I was able to launch my first website with ssl and wordpress. Imported blogs from my blogger too. I can’t be more happier than that.

Also thank you all for your prompt responses. This is a very active community. I am new and don’t understand technical details so please guide me in future too. Thank you.
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