FileManager and ftp are down

Hi and thanks for this wonderful free hosting providing.

I could to a few minutes ago but now I fail to access online file manager and ftp access to my websites,I have two websites right now one of them was just made and completely empty on both of them I

So here is a screen shot of what happens in online file manager entering ftp password here still doesn’t enter.

Sorry I forgot to post error message :slightly_frowning_face:

My account username is [email protected] if that’s needed.

Hello me too am getting this problem😫

The FTP system seems be currently down.

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First of all DO NOT SHARE THE FULL LOGIN LINK TO YOUR FILE MANAGER. It’s a login link, which allows anyone to login with the link. So don’t share it.

It also contains your password in an encoded form, which you’ve just shared publicly. I’ve reset your password, please check for yourself if there is any evidence of unauthorized access.

Also, your email address is not your account username. If needed, I can find your profile with your forum username, so you don’t need to share your email address publicly either.


Thanks you admin.I though that link was containing a sort of token for my ip or something not the encoded password, very helpful to mention that and thanks for resetting my password, and good point on the username, by the way I found that a lot more of the error I got has happened and it gets fixed after a while and I checked today it was actually fixed very I’m closing.

Unfortunately I don’t find a way to close this issue

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