Filemanage unencrypted

I used the infinityfree filemanage today (usually I use ftp) and noticed that the connection is unencrypted

Should I be worried about security ?

I don’t think so, since you’re only uploading files, and not sharing any private or sensitive data over HTTP

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The lack of SSL on the file manager is not ideal. Sadly, I’m not in a position to fix this.

If you are worried about this, know that our own MonstaFTP instance is still available at , which is still available for the foreseeable future and support SSL.


the file manager from infinity free control panel does have the monster icon but links to some ip address without ssl

would be great if you changed the links on both

Login to your account - InfinityFree


to point to the ssl secure filemanager so that secure file manager is integrated into your web based system

would be a very simple fix to the server source

for now i’ll use a shortcut to the secure file manager

best wishes and thanks again for your help

Note that the file manager in the control panel and the secure URL are two different installations. The one accessed by the IP address is from iFastNet, while the one with the secure URL is from InfinityFree.

We had our own file manager running before iFastNet set up theirs. After they did, I decided to piggy back on their installation because, at least in my experience, it’s quite a bit more response because of the lower latency to the FTP server.

Revering this change on the client area side is easy. Updating the URL in the control panel is harder to do, especially because I have no intention of hosting a file manager for all free hosting users of iFastNet, rather than just the users of InfinityFree.

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