file won't fully load

I am having issues getting a file to fully upload. The file I try to upload is 14,785, but only 14,505 will upload to my htdocs folder. It’s a simple HTML webpage. I have deleted and uploaded many times and have remade the page and the page the link goes to…nothing helps. It also gives me a 404 error on explorer and doesn’t fully load on firefox. I’m not very smart at building webpages and don’t know all the terms of computer use and what they mean. Can I get any ideas on to why this is occurring and what I can do to fix it?

The page is

and the link to get there is the word “Spain” on this page

The file is 14,785 what? Bytes? Kilobytes? Megabytes? Lines? Grams? Years?

Also, the file itself seems to be loading completely from here. The images on the page don’t load, but that’s because the links the the images are links to your local hard drive and not to files on your website.


I re-made the page and fixed the image links. Still giving me a 404 error on Explorer…

The image URLs are still wrong. The URLs to the images are like file:///C:/Users/Jennie/Desktop/My%20Little%20Ponies/0%20webpage/Wanted%21.jpg. I don’t have Windows and I don’t have those folders on my desktop. You need to upload the images to your account in addition to the HTML files and make sure the image links either point to your domain name here or are a relative path.

If you have no idea what I just said, may I recommend either learning HTML first before trying to build your website manually? And if that takes too much time, you could just use the Site Builder in the client area and build your website without having to bother with files and codes and so on.

I know exactly what you said. I actually know HTML well. I have built other HTML websites for friends and in college, never had this issue. My problem of understanding is the more in depth add ons, which I didn’t bother with when building this site…Here is a link to my index page. You can tell with the way I built the website, I clearly know what I’m doing with HTML. I kept it as simple as possible. Only background, tables, links, and images.

If you look at my previous comment I stated that I have fixed the images on the page. That occurred when I was copying and pasting in attempt to solve the issue on my own, even then, the page should still load without the images. I just forgot to make the URL relative to page location after making changes. As stated before, they are no longer hard drive files. They should not be showing as hard drive files on your end(maybe this is the issue). Also they are the same images on other pages and they work just fine on those pages. Accessing the page is not an issue with Firefox, only explorer.

I should also note I forgot to say that I did have issues connecting with filezilla when I attempted to uploaded the new link on the page. The page was already loaded onto htdoc folder with no issues, I just added another link onto it and then attempted to upload the change. That is when I had issues with the file not fully loading. After some time it allowed me to load it, but gives the 404 error only on that particular link that I added to the page. The added link on the page was the change I made to the page when the connection issue occurred. It’s the link on this page on the word “Spain”

…I should have stated this the first time, sorry my fault…

The image URLs are working from here as well now (I was looking at a cached version of the page, sorry about that).

That said, the “Spain” URL on the linked page is working fine for me. Hitting the F5 key a few times is usually enough to force the browser to download a fresh version of the page, which should hopefully fix the URL for you too.

Refreshing the page still has not solved the issue. I still can’t access that link thru explorer(and only that link) which is what I use (and many other friends that use my site) on my computer. All other links and pages load with no issue. I will attempt to delete the page with “Spain” and re-build it again with all new links. I hope that a new page will fix this issue and not cause more…