File uploading via FTP is very slow

I am uploading a wp plugin to my site. It has a total of 1521 files. But files are being uploaded very slowly. The default file manager Monsta is too slow. Now, I’m trying to upload using FileZilla. It is much faster than Monsta. But still, it’s not enough. How to speed up the process?

If you don’t live in Europe region, the speed is quite slow. You should wait till it uploads completely.


Oh I see! Thats the problem. Thanks for helping. But another question is it happening because of my free account? Or, will it also happen if I buy premium hosting?

Free hosting and premium servers are in Europe, so it won’t boost the speed up.



Will the problem go if I install CDN in

There will be a connection problem if you let Cloudflare proxy the FTP subdomain. So I suggest to both have a powerful enough connection and be closer to United Kingdom, where the FTP, database and web servers of iFastNet free hosting (and sometimes even Premium Hosting, because some premium servers of iFastNet premium hosting are hosted by OVH in some other locations) are located.


I’m from Argentina and I have no problems with those :slight_smile:

CDNs are useful to cache content around the world so it can be accessed quickly. For uploading files with FTP, it wouldn’t work, because the files need to be written to the central servers in the UK anyways.

Add to that that most CDNs only work with HTTP, not FTP.


Thank you

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