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I dont uploading files to my htdocs

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what? can you specify the error you are encounter with some additional info please?

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  • Next time please fill in the template.
  • As you have not provided much information, I can only give some basic advice.
    Make sure that the file you are uploading is less than the file size limit of 10 MB. Hope this helps :person_tipping_hand:

# epiz_30308087

htdocs’uma dosya yüklemiyorum

(I’m uploading the files but I’m not uploading (3.4 mb file) I waited for 5 hours but I can’t upload. It doesn’t give an error but it doesn’t load. Also there are 2 folders in htdocs but they are not deleted)

Can you please provide more information? Maybe some screenshots or a short recording? “it doesn’t upload and there is no error” doesn’t give us a lot to go on.

look, the issue is mixed, when I upload it never ends, only a 3 mb file stays the same all the time, only 2 folders have been uploaded and they are corrupt, they are not deleted

Are you using FileZilla, if not, use that.

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