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Hello! I have uploaded a .zip folder FireZilla containing all the code for my website, and I know It has been uploaded in the correct location. however, when I search my url ( ) I still get the “Your Website Is Ready” message. I made the code by righting it in a HTML document and then sending that document to a zipped folder. does anything about this seem wrong? does InfinityFree provide a message if it is unable to read my code?


A zip file is a file archive, not a web file. You need to extract the zip file into the folder.

The best way to do this is to unzip it on your computer, then upload the resulting files to the htdocs folder.


What should the file type be when I upload to htdocs?

It should be files and folders.


Thank you to all the people who have responded so far! But I still don’t understand. Could somebody please give me step by step instructions from the point of 1: pasting my code into a text editor. and 2: moving my file to htdocs. All the steps between 1 and 2 I find confusing. I’m using windows 8.1.

when you extract your files you should see a file something like index.html or index.php and this will be the main home page file thats loaded when someone visits your site

you will most likely have other support files like images in .png .jpg etc file types and maybe some .css or .js files too (possibly in subdirectorys)

just extract everything on your local computer and upload to the /htdocs directory on your infinityfree hosting account and you should be good to go

you may need to clear your browser cache before the site is displayed as it may still show your old infinityfree welcome page from the cache


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